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Zibo Cohen is home fermentation products and kitchen glassware manufacturer supplier from China, which supply products to home brew wholesaler, Amazon sellers, homebrewing, winemaking, kombucha brewing shops, breweries, and associated businesses around the world. we specializing in one-stop supply.  our products include fermentaton kit, fermentation jar, fermentaton weight, fermentation lids, kombucha kit, kombucha jar, beer brewing kit, brewing carboy and other bewing equipment, accessories, bottles, hardware, washing , capper,testing etc.

we produce and purchase high quality products from China. and we are the pioneer of home brewing tools supplier in China that providing OEM and Wholesale brewing tools to the suppliers of homebrewing and winemaking arround the world, especially the whole set tools for brewing kit and customized packaging. Our products include all brewing tools for beer,wine, kombucha etc , such as glass carboy,glass fermenter, glass bottle, airlock,funnel,bottle washer,glass weight, temperature strips, Ph strips,cheese cloth,muslin bag,that has been supplied for many homebrewing suppliers , including one of the largest home brewing supplier in the world. we are are als one of the China most competitive glass bottle supplier.

If you are in the home fermentation market or you are a beginner and want to start your business on fermentaion, we can provide a wide range of products for you. We can help you build a complete product system and build your brand.

Product quality comes first. Making good product is our mission, it is our value, and even our belief. Putting product quality fisrt. Making 100% effort to complete every project. we can overcome any challange. This is our company culture. looking forward to your approbate.


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Email:ryne@ziboglass.com; davidjin@ziboglass.com

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