Multifunctional storage glass jar

This is our new product, it have different use after add additional parts.  

 Wine, Coffee, Home fermentation, Long-shelf life fresh food, we belive that most of people would like those, and have paid a lot of money in the proper gears, such as wine bottle vaccum seal and pump, coffee canister, fermentation jar, vacuum jar etc.But some of those are not using frequently, the using ratio is low. Some jars maybe used just weekly or monthly, it is really the wast of resource. In order to prevent the idle resources and save more money for the consumers, we published a multiple using storage container. One container can be used as both airtight storage and coffee storage and also vacuum storage and fermentation.

As the above picture, we can see that it could come to multiple using after add different gears. It would become a normal airtight storage container after add the seal. If you want storage coffee beans, just add a valve then it is a coffee canister with Co2 release valve which can effectively release the Co2 and prevent the air come in. If you want long term storage coffee beans or some food which need vacuum storage,just add a wine vacuum seal(most of wine lovers have the seal), it acctually become a vaccum container. If you want make some fermentation vegetables, the airlock can be added on it, it’s fermenting jar now. Most of people have the gears already, if do not have yet, those are very cheap to buy. So that you will save a lot of money by using the multi-use container.

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